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Memo Data-Transfer

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Concerning the data transfer the following decisions have been made:

  1. The SBCDB data record (e.g. codelist) is conform to the SGS criteria. It is containing all relevant information for the Quality Dashbord.
  2. Fields marked as compulsory or potentially compulsory are valid.
  3. In case someone is entering his/her data in ODS-Easy or other third-party systems, he/she will be able to import the data records into Adjumed.net through the Eusoma format (CSV).
  4. Currently ODS-Easy is only exporting the QT3 fields (e.g. http://www.qtweb.it/eusoma/dataset.php), but without FollowUp.
  5. Those, who enter their data records through Adjumed.net should enter the whole SBCDB data records right from the start.
  6. Those, who enter their data through ODS-Easy or other third-party systems should enter at least the QT3 records (ODS-Easy export plus FollowUp, which can later be complemented in Adjumed.net) by next year (cases of the year 2012).
  7. We stongly assume, EUSOMA will follow by next year with QT4 and that we won't overcollect with the SBCDB records anymore. Certainly, the SBCDB data records will be verified by next year.
Please find further information and downloads on interface definitions on Adjumed.ch.
For suggestions or further information please contact the SGS Office:

SGS / SBCDB Office c/o ADJUMED Services
Birmensdorferstrasse 470, 8055 Zürich, Tel. +41 44 445 26 67, sbcdb(at)adjumed.ch

Please find below an exemplary text for your documents to inform your patients about the data collection:

Further use of your data for scientific research

Information from your medical history can help us understand more about the successes and failures in the prevention, detection and treatment of diseases. It is possible that your medical record is evaluated at a later date by employees of the hospital for scientific purposes and/or for quality assurance. The further use as well as the transfer of your data to third parties will in any case be in anonymized form and taking into account all applicable data protection regulations. However, if you do not wish that your data be used further, please inform your doctor / health care professional.

German version (bitte beachten Sie, dass dies nur eine Mustervorlage zur Information Ihrer Patienten ist):

Weiterverwendung Ihrer Daten für die Forschung

Informationen aus Ihrer Krankengeschichte können helfen, mehr zu verstehen über Erfolge und Misserfolge in der Prävention, Erkennung und Behandlung von Krankheiten. Es ist möglich, dass Ihr Patientendossier zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt durch Mitarbeitende des Spitals wissenschaftlich sowie zur Qualitätssicherung ausgewertet wird. Die Weiterverwendung wie auch die Weitergabe Ihrer Daten an Dritte erfolgt in jedem Fall in anonymisierter Form und unter Berücksichtigung aller geltenden Datenschutzbestimmungen. Wenn Sie trotzdem nicht wünschen, dass Ihre Daten weiterverwendet werden, informieren Sie bitte Ihren Arzt/Ihre Ärztin.